May 16, 2021

Ferguson Survives A Thrill Through Lap Traffic To Be FASTRAK's King Of The Commonwealth

Jamaica, Virginia – The competitors of the FASTRAK Racing Series powered by Chevrolet Performance returned to the immaculate 1/2 mile clay gem that is Virginia Motor Speedway nestled in the Tidewater Region of Virginia for the return of roaring engines after an almost sixteen-month absence for the series visiting in midst of the corona virus pandemic. A spectacular crowd on hand witnessed a great battle for the $3,000 to win opener for FASTRAK Racing Series' 18th consecutive season.

The #00 Carson Ferguson from Charlotte the 2018 FASTRAK national touring champion was able to hold off an emotionally charged drive by #8 Jeremy Pilkerton who was racing filled with drive and emotions after his Father Jeff suffered a heart attack last weekend who was planning to attend the son’s race event. Among the emotion and crazy surges by Pilkerton, #08 Ray Love Jr., #47 Matt Quade and even #2w Justin Williams who found himself in an amazingly comfortable position using the top side to his advantage after starting in the top ten to secure a podium finish.

For Ferguson the opening laps we’re interesting as he had to work around hungry contenders #08 Ray Love Jr. for the lead. After being mire through lap traffic after an exciting first half. The yellow would fly after #55 David Keith hit a rut entering turn one causing severe damage to the front clip of the Kryptonite chassis to end his evening. The second caution would fly after #38 Nick Love was involved with an incident spinning in front of the pack on the backstretch. During the cool down under caution the #7 of Dan Breuer he would precede to use his car as a battering ram on until pulling in for the night.

On the restart Ferguson would survive to battle off everyone coming at him from behind relinquish the top spot and secure the $3000 victory for the "King of the Commonwealth". It was his 2nd KoC in his career after winning in May 2019 after Layton Sullivan blew at right rear coming to the checkers.

Results Unofficial - 40 Laps

FASTRAK Racing Series powered by Chevrolet Performance

"King of the Commonwealth"

Full Results - Virginia Motor Speedway 5/15/21

1) Carson Ferguson
2) Jeremy Pilkerton
3) Justin Williams
4) Chuck Bowie
5) Matt Quade
6) Ray Love Jr
7) Matt Glanden
8) Trevor Collins
9) Chris Buescher
10) Dan Brewer
11) Justin Fulton
12) Josh Canipe
13) Samuel Bryant
14) Nick Davis
15) Corey Almond
16) Chase Burrow
17) Matt Hildeband
18) Cody Cubbage
19) Nick Love
20) David Keith
21) Brad Rigdon
22) Colby Quick
23) Ryan Adams
24) Tyler Hoy

DNS - Ronnie Sissney
DNS - Vaughan Haywood
DNS - Jason Gilliland
DNS - Joe Bounds
DNS - Geoffery Cary
DNS - Chip Kyper
DNS - Brent Bordeaux

Car Count: 31
Feature Winner: Carson Ferguson
Fast Qualifier: Carson Ferguson 19.003
Heat 1 Winner: Carson Ferguson
Heat 2 Winner: Jeremy Pilkerton
Heat 3 Winner: Ray Love Jr
Heat 4 Winner: Corey Almond
B-Main 1 Winner: Nick Love
B-Main 2 Winner: Tyler Hoy

Heat 1

1) 00F-Carson Ferguson; 2) 47-Matt Quade; 3) 2W-Justin Williams; 4) 20B-Samuel Bryant; 5) 09-Brad Rigdon; 6) 29H-Vaughan Haywood; 7) 77S-Ronnie Sissney; 8) 29-Jason Gilliland

Heat 2

1) 8-Jeremy Pilkerton; 2) 01-Matt Glanden; 3) 75-Chris Buescher; 4) 5-Colby Quick; 5) 38-Nick Love; 6) 12C-Cody Cubbage; 7) 23-Josh Canipe; 8) 40-Brent Bordeaux

Heat 3

1) 08-Ray Love Jr; 2) 14C-Chuck Bowie; 3) 92-Nick Davis; 4) 6-Justin Fulton; 5) 71T-Tyler Hoy; 6) 18B-Joe Bounds; 7) X-Geoffery Cary; 8) 59-Chip Kyper

Heat 4

1) 7A-Corey Almond; 2) 72-Trevor Collins; 3) 96-Matt Hildeband; 4) 55-David Keith; 5) 0-Chase Burrow; 6) 12A-Ryan Adams; 7) 7-Dan Breuer

B Main-1

1. 38-Nick Love; 2. 12C-Cody Cubbage; 3. 09-Brad Rigdon; 4. 23-Josh Canipe; 5. 77S-Ronnie Sissney; 6. 29H-Vaughan Haywood; 7. (DNS) 29-Jason Gilliland

B Main-2

1) 71T-Tyler Hoy; 2) 7-Dan Brewer; 3) 0-Chase Burrow; 4) 12A-Ryan Adams; 5) (DNS) 18B-Joe Bounds; 6) (DNS) X-Geoffery Cary; 7) (DNS) 59-Chip Kyper; 8) (DNS) 40-Brent Bordeaux

Qualifying Group A

1) 00F-Carson Ferguson, 00:19.003[12]; 2) 8-Jeremy Pilkerton, 00:19.057[15]; 3) 47-Matt Quade, 00:19.086[11]; 4) 01-Matt Glanden, 00:19.276[13]; 5) 2W-Justin Williams, 00:19.353[2]; 6) 75-Chris Buescher, 00:19.441[7]; 7) 20B-Samuel Bryant, 00:19.505[9]; 8) 5-colby quick, 00:19.638[5]; 9) 09-Brad Rigdon, 00:19.800[10]; 10) 38-Nick Love, 00:19.910[4]; 11) 29H-Vaughan Haywood, 00:19.958[16]; 12) 12C-Cody Cubbage, 00:20.040[3]; 13) 77S-Ronnie Sissney, 00:20.168[1]; 14) 23-Josh Canipe, 00:20.424[8]; 15) 29-Jason Gilliland, 00:22.748[6]; 16) 59-Chip Kyper, 00:22.748[14]

Qualifying Group B

1) 08-Ray Love Jr, 00:19.246[10]; 2) 7A-Corey Almond, 00:19.288[14]; 3) 14C-Chuck Bowie, 00:19.330[13]; 4) 7-dan brewer, 00:19.527[11]; 5) 92-Nick Davis, 00:19.576[15]; 6) 72-Trevor Collins, 00:19.693[8]; 7) 71T-Tyler Hoy, 00:19.698[3]; 8) 96-Matt Hildeband, 00:19.847[12]; 9) 6-Justin Fulton, 00:20.104[6]; 10) 12A-Ryan Adams, 00:20.177[4]; 11) X-Geoffery Cary, 00:20.356[2]; 12) 0-Chase Burrow, 00:20.432[9]; 13) 18B-Joe Bounds, 00:20.539[5]; 14) 55-David Keith, 00:20.584[7]; 15) 40-Brent Bordeaux, 00:20.584[1]

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FASTRAK Companies International Race Recap
Story By: Wesley Outland – FASTRAK Public Relations
Virginia Motor Speedway – Jamaica, VA - May 15th, 2021