February 19, 2021

FASTRAK Introduces The 602 Late Model "Sportsman" Class To Weekly Sanctioning

Carnesville, Georgia - FASTRAK Racing is growing yet again, as the sanctioning body has announced that it will be adding 602 Late Models to their family of divisions sanctioned under the FASTRAK brand.

“We are proud to introduce the 602 Late Model class to our weekly sanctioning program”, commented President Stan Lester.

Although there will not be a tour for the division in 2021, FASTRAK will sanction and run a special event with the 602 class at the Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway on June 18-19th, with the possibility of a couple more events during the season, but there will be no tour.

Lester added, “there are already several 602 late model tours around the area and we will not compete with them as that would do nothing more than divide the cars up, thereby hurting other series and those tracks they compete at. Everyone needs every car they can get to make things work and especially after the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020; so, at this time, WEEKLY SANCTIONING ONLY.”

Please note that currently this class will only be sanctioned in Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. We will not have it available for other states at this time.

FASTRAK has done their best to be inclusive of all series teams when developing the 2021 rules package. FASTRAK’s National Weekly Championship will pay $2500 to win. One (1) to five (5) weekly tracks will allow the top 10 teams to be paid. If there are six (6) to fifteen (15) tracks the points will pay out to the top 20, and if we can sanction 16 plus tracks, we will pay the top 30 teams in the Southeast weekly tracks.  

For points you must run the Hoosier Crate spec FT200/400 tires, but just to race you can also run the Hoosier spec 21/55 or spec 1350/1600, as per the rules of other series. We will stay with the no grooving or siping rule, just as most 602 series currently do. FASTRAK will honor the 650-carb rule and pump gas will get a weight break. Oil or gas shocks are all part of the FASTRAK 602 rule package.

FASTRAK will allow rebuilt engines in 2021 with a 100 Lb weight penalty, but beginning in 2022 no more rebuilds for the 602 engines. “This is the number one complaint I hear from teams and I am told it’s $3000 to rebuild a $3600 engine (new price) which makes zero sense to me”, said Lester.

ALL series seals will be legal, just as in FASTRAK. Builders may add their personal seal, but those alone are not legal. We will also include the GM break off bolts for 2021, but make them illegal beginning in 2022.

Lester added, “We are always willing to listen to suggestions from teams and tracks as this is a new class for us, but obviously we have a lot of experience with crate engines. After so many calls and request for us to get into this class, the time has come and with the addition of the Charlotte dirt track event I can foresee this class growing quickly. Everyone already knows our FT spec tires and that it outlasts its competitors, I believe it will be good for everyone. Plus, those

Teams that want to buy used tires can pick some up from the FASTRAK 604 teams, thereby hopefully making it affordable for everyone.”

The rules will be posted on the FASTRAK Racing website at . There will be additional information forthcoming on the special event at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Competitors are encouraged to keep an eye on all our social channels to keep up to date on events for 2021.

Any interested tracks wanting more information on having their 602 division sanctioned by FASTRAK should contact FASTRAK President and Founder Stan Lester at the FASTRAK offices at 678-935-7304 or by email at