Tyler Bare Racing Wins The $50,000 To Win FASTRAK World Championship At Virginia Motor Speedway; Mason Zeigler Scores Non-Qualifiers Race Victory

September 25, 2022

Tyler Bare Racing Wins The $50,000 To Win FASTRAK World Championship At Virginia Motor Speedway; Mason Zeigler Scores Non-Qualifiers Race Victory

Jamaica, Virginia – In what can only be described as a legendary finish, Tyler Bare of Rockbridge Baths, VA, made a 3-wide pass with one lap to go to take the lead and the $50,000 victory. Bare got inside then leader Zack Dohm of Cross Lanes, WV, and a lapped car on lap 58 to take the lead heading to the white flag. The pass netted him his career-best finish, taking home the  $50,000 FASTRAK World Championship presented by Dealer Group USA win and being crowned World Champion.

Dohm got by Bare on lap 44 to take second and then take the lead from leader Henry Hornsby III on lap 47. Bare would follow Dohm into second. Bare would turn up the wick and chase down Dohm to battle for the lead. They battled in lapped traffic 3-wide on lap 53, with Dohm holding the top spot and then again on lap 58, Bare taking the top spot away for the win.

“The money, this $50,000, will help our racing a whole bunch, but that right there (pointing to the B8 on his car) means more than the money to me. To honor my granddaddy like that really means a lot,” commented a tearful Tyler Bare in Virginia Is For Racing Lover’s victory lane.

Benji Hicks and Henry Hornsby III led the field to green, with Hicks grabbing the lead. Hicks looked to be on kill as he pulled away with ease, but with the field racing three and four wide behind him. On lap 8, Kyle hardy spun in the middle of turns one and two, doing a complete 360 and continuing on, which kept the race green. On lap 16, Hicks ran into the back of a lapped car and spun in turn 4.

On the lap 16 restart, a spinning third-place Tyler Emory caused a big wreck in turn 2. On the restart, Hornsby pulled away by a couple of car lengths and went on to lead at halfway and win the Wayne Sawyer Sr. Memorial Victory Lap Halfway Leader Award collecting $1000 cash and a plaque.

After the 10-minute pit stop, Hornsby again grabbed the lead with Bare, Justin Williams, Zack Dohm, and Austin Hubbard in tow. On lap 37, Hubbard put a slide job on Williams in turn 4 to take third. On lap 45, Dohm got by Bare for second. Two laps later, he passed Hornsby on the outside for the lead.

On lap 48, Bare got by Hornsby for second and set out to catch Dohm. On lap 53, Dohm and Bare went three wide with a lapped car, with Dohm holding on to the lead. The two raced side by side until lap 58, when they went three wide, this time Bare coming out with the lead. Bare would hold off Dohm over the last lap to score the $50,000 victory.

Rounding out the top five were Dohm, Logan Roberson, Henry Hornsby III, and Austin Hubbard. Sixth through tenth were Russell Erwin, Walker Arthur, Michael Brown, Trevor Collins, and Jeremy Steele.

Mason Zeigler of Chalk Hill, PA, won the 25-lap non-qualifiers race and elected to forgo the $1500 prize and tag the rear of the $50,000 FASTRAK World Championship. Zeigler was the show the first half of the main feature, racing from his twenty-seventh starting spot and making it to ninth by the hallway break. Unfortunately, Zeigler would have to go to the rear due to having to change an additional tire at the start of the second 30 laps and never mounted another charge to the front.

In a drawing that included all 54 competitors, Ronnie Martin Jr. won a GM 604 engine, valued at $8200, that he could take home with him.

The next event for the speedway will be the 18th annual Run-A-Muck Mud Bog on Saturday, October 8. Details will be released this week on the huge mega truck event.

Bill Sawyer’s Virginia Motor Speedway is a 1/2-mile dirt oval track located on U.S. Route 17, eight miles north of Saluda, VA, and 25 miles south of Tappahannock, VA in Jamaica, VA. The speedway is just a short drive from Richmond, Fredericksburg, Southern Maryland, and the Hampton Roads area.

Race fans can go to www.vamotorspeedway.com to view the complete schedule Virginia Motor Speedway’s 2022 season, find detailed event information, get the latest news, and get complete ticket and camping information. In addition, fans can get social with Virginia Motor Speedway by following @vamotorspeedway on Twitter, clicking “Like” at www.facebook.com/VaMotorSpeedway and on www.youtube.com/VaMotorSpeedway.


Fastrak World Championship (60 Laps) | 1. B8-Tyler Bare[4]; 2. 17-Zack Dohm[15]; 3. 17R-Logan Roberson[5]; 4. 39-Henry Hornsby III[1]; 5. 49-Austin Hubbard[8]; 6. 22E-Russell Erwin[23]; 7. 87-Walker Arthur[14]; 8. 32B-Michael Brown[11]; 9. 72-Trevor Collins[13]; 10. 22-Jeremy Steele[20]; 11. 6-Clay Harris[22]; 12. 2W-Justin Williams[10]; 13. 15K-Dale Hollidge[9]; 14. 1-Mark Whitener[19]; 15. 9Z-Mason Zeigler[27]; 16. 17S-Jeff Smith[16]; 17. 08-Ray Love Jr[21]; 18. 7A-Corey Almond[24]; 19. 24T-Philip Thompson[7]; 20. 55-Benji Hicks[2]; 21. 96-Matthew Hildebrand[18]; 22. 8-Jeremy Pilkerton[25]; 23. 32-Brent Trimble[26]; 24. 99-Kyle Hardy[6]; 25. 72E-Tyler Emory[3]; 26. 6B-Dillon Brown[12]; 27. 5-David Whitener[17]

B Feature 1 (12 Laps) | 1. 1-Mark Whitener[1]; 2. 6-Clay Harris[2]; 3. 9Z-Mason Zeigler[3]; 4. 00T-Kendal Tucker[12]; 5. 36-Cody Dawson[4]; 6. 03-Garrett Paugh[6]; 7. 7J-Dalton Jacobs[10]; 8. 6Q-Jesse Quick[8]; 9. 7H-Curtis Hughes[7]; 10. 2*-Jared Powell[5]; 11. 40S-Scott Sweeney Jr[9]; 12. H2O-Luke Hyre[11]

B Feature 2 (12 Laps) | 1. 22-Jeremy Steele[1]; 2. 22E-Russell Erwin[2]; 3. 14C-Chuck Bowie[6]; 4. 21B-Billy Beachler[9]; 5. 143-Brian Ledbetter[10]; 6. 20B-Lane Brock[12]; 7. 23-Travis Justice[7]; 8. 10-Matt Ashworth[5]; 9. 00-Brandon Dockery[8]; 10. 32-Brent Trimble[4]

B Feature 3 (12 Laps) | 1. 08-Ray Love Jr[2]; 2. 7A-Corey Almond[1]; 3. 71-Davis Lipscombe[4]; 4. 38B-Billy Hubbard[6]; 5. 04-Jack Brown[8]; 6. 8-Jeremy Pilkerton[12]; 7. 20-Samuel Bryant[5]; 8. 92-Nick Davis[3]; 9. 15JR-Ronnie Martin Jr[7]; 10. 28-Tyler Dettor[9]; 11. 29H-Vaughan Haywood[10]; 12. 51-Jerry Barker[11]

Non-Qualifiers Race (25 Laps) | 1. 9Z-Mason Zeigler[1]; 2. 21B-Billy Beachler[5]; 3. 92-Nick Davis[17]; 4. 14C-Chuck Bowie[2]; 5. 03-Garrett Paugh[10]; 6. 7J-Dalton Jacobs[12]; 7. 20-Samuel Bryant[14]; 8. 6Q-Jesse Quick[15]; 9. 15JR-Ronnie Martin Jr[20]; 10. 00T-Kendal Tucker[4]; 11. 04-Jack Brown[9]; 12. 28-Tyler Dettor[25]; 13. 2*-Jared Powell[21]; 14. 7H-Curtis Hughes[18]; 15. 71-Davis Lipscombe[3]; 16. 36-Cody Dawson[7]; 17. 143-Brian Ledbetter[8]; 18. 10-Matt Ashworth[16]; 19. 29H-Vaughan Haywood[22]; 20. 23-Travis Justice[13]; 21. 20B-Lane Brock[11]


Heat 1 (10 Laps) | 1. 39-Henry Hornsby III[2]; 2. 24T-Philip Thompson[1]; 3. 72-Trevor Collins[4]; 4. 1-Mark Whitener[6]; 5. 9Z-Mason Zeigler[3]; 6. 2*-Jared Powell[5]; 7. 7H-Curtis Hughes[7]; 8. 40S-Scott Sweeney Jr[9]; 9. H2O-Luke Hyre[8]

Heat 2 (10 Laps) | 1. 72E-Tyler Emory[2]; 2. 15K-Dale Hollidge[4]; 3. 17-Zack Dohm[3]; 4. 22-Jeremy Steele[1]; 5. 38-Nick Love[6]; 6. 10-Matt Ashworth[9]; 7. 23-Travis Justice[7]; 8. 21B-Billy Beachler[8]; 9. 24-Jacob Brown[5]

Heat 3 (10 Laps) | 1. 17R-Logan Roberson[1]; 2. 32B-Michael Brown[2]; 3. 5-David Whitener[4]; 4. 7A-Corey Almond[9]; 5. 92-Nick Davis[3]; 6. 20-Samuel Bryant[6]; 7. 15JR-Ronnie Martin Jr[7]; 8. 28-Tyler Dettor[8]; 9. 51-Jerry Barker[5]

Heat 4 (10 Laps) | 1. 55-Benji Hicks[1]; 2. 49-Austin Hubbard[2]; 3. 87-Walker Arthur[5]; 4. 6-Clay Harris[4]; 5. 36-Cody Dawson[7]; 6. 03-Garrett Paugh[6]; 7. 6Q-Jesse Quick[8]; 8. 7J-Dalton Jacobs[3]; 9. 00T-Kendal Tucker[9]

Heat 5 (10 Laps) | 1. B8-Tyler Bare[1]; 2. 2W-Justin Williams[3]; 3. 17S-Jeff Smith[4]; 4. 22E-Russell Erwin[5]; 5. 32-Brent Trimble[2]; 6. 14C-Chuck Bowie[6]; 7. 00-Brandon Dockery[7]; 8. 143-Brian Ledbetter[8]; 9. 20B-Lane Brock[9]

Heat 6 (10 Laps) | 1. 99-Kyle Hardy[1]; 2. 6B-Dillon Brown[2]; 3. 96-Matthew Hildebrand[6]; 4. 08-Ray Love Jr[3]; 5. 71-Davis Lipscombe[8]; 6. 38B-Billy Hubbard[4]; 7. 04-Jack Brown[5]; 8. 29H-Vaughan Haywood[7]; 9. (DNF) 8-Jeremy Pilkerton[9]

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