FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Championship update

DJ Irvine
August 25, 2020

Brent Trimble, by way of his win at Elkins Raceway on Saturday night has moved into second place in the FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Championship, up from fourth. Braeden Dillinger continues to lead the standings, with a fourth-place finish at Latrobe Speedway over the weekend. Byway of his win at Latrobe Speedway, Troy Shields, has moved into tenth. Ryan Frazee was the winner at Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex on Sunday.

Luke Hyre is in third, with Andrew Koenig moving to fourth from seventh. Corey Almond is currently fifth. Derrick Shaw moved up two places to sixth in the standings after a runner-up finish at Elkins. Kyle Thomas, Donnie Dotson, Hayden Jacobs, and Shields round out the top ten.

The FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Championship has two more weekends of competition. Points conclude on Labor Day, September 7. Drivers take their best eight finishes for their point total for the season.

Results – Elkins Raceway – August 22, 2020

1) Brent Trimble; 2) Derrick Shaw; 3) Logan Hitt; 4) Matt Hildebrand; 5) Kaitlyn Frazier; 6) Chandi Currence; 7) Dustin Luzier; 8) Kris Southern; 9) Ryan Hare; 10) Phillip Likins; 11) Derek Rodgers; 12) Hayden Jacobs; 13) Lucas McDonald; 14) Sparky Davisson; 15) Luke Hyre


Results – Latrobe Speedway –August 22, 2020

1) Troy Shields; 2) Daniel Angelicchio; 3) Clate Copeman; 4) Braeden Dillinger; 5) John Over; 6) Andrew Koenig; 7) Mike Cuthbert; 8) Joe Moyer; 9) Vince Massi; 10) Chuck Recker; 11) Russell Baird Jr; 12) Ryan Frazee; 13) Doug Glessner


Results – Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex – August 23, 2020

1) Ryan Frazee; 2) Colin Casalle; 3) Tanner Hauger; 4) Luke Hyre; 5) Ryan Ferguson; 6) Andy Spooner; 7) Terry Kinsley; 8) Eric Hamilton; 9) Nathan Wolbert; 10) Jason Mullen; 11) Thomas McCarty; 12) Dustin Luzier; 13) Matt Glanden

FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Championship Current Top 10

1) Braeden Dillinger 340; 2) Brent Trimble 333; 3) Luke Hyre 321; 4) Andrew Koenig 304; 5) Corey Almond 303; 6) Derrick Shaw 285; 7) Kyle Thomas 271 8) Donnie Dotson 267; 9) Hayden Jacobs 250; 10) Troy Shields 242

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