FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Championship update

DJ Irvine
August 12, 2020

Photo by Patrick Miller

CARNESVILLE, Ga. (August 12, 2020) –
Braeden Dillinger currently leads the FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Championship with 340 points. Dillinger picked up the win at Latrobe Speedway on Saturday night. Luke Hyre, the 2019 FASTRAK Future Stars Cup winner, is second with 317 points, competing three times over the weekend bringing home a 5th place finish at Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex. Corey Almond, with 303 points is currently third after a third-place finish at I-77 Speedway on Saturday night at I-77 Speedway. Brent Trimble, after a third-place finish at Ohio Valley Speedway and a win in the 10th Annual UBB 29 Miners Memorial Race with the FASTRAK Racing Series powered by Chevrolet Performance, jumped to fourth with a total of 290 points. Kyle Thomas, the 2019 FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Champion, is currently fifth with 271 points.

Henry Hornsby III picked up his first FASTRAK win of 2020 at Ohio Valley Speedway. Isaak Love was the winner at Friendship Motor Speedway. Tyler Riggs took home the checkered flag at Elkins Raceway.
The FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Championship will continue through Labor Day, taking all drivers’ best eight finishes. Sylvan Schuette was victorious at Toccoa Raceway. Michael Duritsky was the winner at Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex.

Results - Ohio Valley Speedway –August 7, 2020

1) Henry Hornsby III; 2) Kyle Thomas; 3) Brent Trimble; 4) Matt Long; 5) Dillon Brown; 6)Eddie Hambrick; 7) David Pangrazio; 8) Layton Sullivan; 9) Donnie Dotson; 10) AJ Spagnuolo; 11) Justin Wofford; 12) Ryan Payne; 13) Steven Dotson; 14) Luke Hyre; 15) Corey Almond; 16) Lucas McDonald; 17) Wylie Ford; 18) Hayden Jacobs; 19) Ronnie Sissney; 20) Trey Watson; 21) Brandon Weigle; DNS) Vaughn Haywood


Results– I-77 Speedway – August 8, 2020

1) Brent Trimble; 2) David Pangrazio; 3) Corey Almond; 4) Matt Long; 5) Dillon Brown; 6) Eddie Hambrick; 7) Shane Greco; 8) Justin Wofford; 9) Layton Sullivan; 10) Kyle Thomas; 11) Luke Hyre; 12) Brandon Weigle; 13) Lucas McDonald; 14) Ronnie Sissney; 15) Steven Dotson; 16) Vaughn Haywood; 17) Car lAshby


Results– Friendship Motor Speedway – August 8, 2020

1) Isaak Love; 2) Benji Hicks; 3) Steve Blackburn; 4) Carson Ferguson; 5) Jeffery Johnson; 6) Jeff Decker; 7) Teddy Musgrave; 8) Chris Morrison; 9) Brad Burkhart; 10) Raymond Brown; 11) Luke Fleming; 12) Jeremy Steele; 13) Kyle Pierce; 14) Dan Breuer; 15) Teddy Tate; DNS) Minke Lemley

Results – Elkins Raceway – August 8, 2020

1)Tyler Riggs; 2) Trey Watson; 3) Sparky Davisson; 4) Derrick Shaw; 5) Craig Daft; 6) Shane Hitt; 7) Donnie Dotson; 8) Hayden Jacobs; 9) Matt Hildenbrand; 10) Dustin Luzier; 11) Daniel Helmick

Results – Toccoa Raceway – August 8, 2020

1)Sylvan Schuette; 2) Ricky Smith; 3) Derrick Harvey

Results– Latrobe Speedway – August 8, 2020

1) Braeden Dillenger; 2) Russell Baird; 3) Clate Copeman; 4) Andrew Koenig; 5) Mike Cuthburt; 6) Joe Moyer; 7) Michael Ott; 8) Vince Masi; 9) Butch Moyer

Results – Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex – August 9, 2020
1) Michael Duritsky; 2)Tanner Hauger; 3) John Over; 4) Glen Elliott; 5) Luke Hyre; 6) Janae Piper; 7)Lane Brock; 8) Stanley Spooner; 9) 23S; 10) Braeden Dillinger; 11) TerryKinsley; 12) Ryan Frazzee

FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Championship Current Top 10

1) Braeden Dillinger 340; 2) Luke Hyre 317; 3) Corey Almond 303; 4) Brent Trimble 290; 5) Kyle Thomas 271; 6) Donnie Dotson 267; 7) Derrick Shaw 243; 8) Andrew Koenig 228; 9) Hayden Jacobs 218; 10) Ron Geehring 217

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