FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Championship update

DJ Irvine
July 8, 2020

Corey Almond has taken the lead in the FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Championship standings by way of a second-place finish at Elkins Raceway on Saturday, July 4. Almond with 142 points holds the top spot by 18 points over Michael Brown. Cody Cubbage with 120 points is third, with Braeden Dillinger in fourth with 115 points. Ron Geehring, finishing second at Toccoa Raceway on Saturday, rounds out the top five with 112 points.

Derrick Shaw picked up the win at Elkins Raceway, which had 20 cars draw in over the holiday weekend. Ty Lowe was victorious at Toccoa Raceway. Garrett Paugh picked up the win at “America’s Baddest Bullring”, Tyler County Speedway. Braeden Dillinger saw the checkered flag twice over the weekend winning at both Latrobe Speedway and Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex.

The FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Championship will continue through September 7. FASTRAK members will take their best 8 finishes throughout the season to receive their spot in the final standings. The FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Championship will pay $5,000 to win and pay through the top 30 in points.

Results - Elkins Raceway (7/4/20)
1) Derrick Shaw; 2) Corey Almond; 3) Brent Trimble; 4) Michael Duritsky: 5) Matt Marshall;
6) Matt Hildebrand; 7) AJ Spagnuolo; 8) Matt Glanden; 9) Tyler Hoy; 10) Lucas McDonald;
11) Craig Daft; 12) Ronnie Sissney; 13) Derek Rogers; 14) Chandi Currence: 15) Phillip Likins;
16) Jamie Kenne; 17) Lane Brock; 18) Cody Cubbage; 19) Sparky Davisson; 20) Zak Kimbrew

Results - Toccoa Raceway (7/4/20)
1. Ty Lowe; 2) Sylvan Schuette; 3) Ron Geehring; 4) Derrick Harvey

Results - Latrobe Speedway (7/4/20)
1. Braeden Dillinger; 2) Andrew Koenig; 3) Troy Shields; 4) Zack Kane; 5) Vince Masi; 6) Russel Baird

Results - Tyler County Speedway (7/4/20)
1. Garrett Paugh; 2) Brandon Weigle; 3) Hayden Jacobs; 4) Kyle Thomas; 5) Trey Watson;
6) Tyler Riggs; 7) Donnie Dotson; 8) Ryan Hare; 9) Wylie Ford; 10) Thomas McCarty;
11) Jarrett Spencer; 12) Kyle Lukon; 13) Scott West; DNS) Logan Zarin; DNS) Ryan Payne;
DNS) Cyle West

Results - Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex (7/5/20)
1) Braeden Dillinger; 2) Brent Trimble; 3) Luke Hyre; 4) Jeff Ferguson; 5) Lane Brock;
6) Tanner Hauger; 7) Jeanie Piper; 8) Andy Spooner

FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Championship Current Top 10
1) Corey Almond 142; 2) Michael Brown 124; 3) Cody Cubbage 120; 4) Braeden Dillinger 115;
5) Ron Geehring 112; 6) Brent Trimble 83; 7) Timbo Mangum 77; 8) Layton Sullivan 73;
9) Matt Glanden 72; 10) Sylvan Schuette 67

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